Headlamp Restoration in Wilmington DE

Headlight Restoration Services

Headlight restoration takes the years of fading and clouding out of your vehicle's headlights and restores them to shiny, clear, new condition.

Foggy headlights reduce visibility and can hinder your safety when driving at night or in poor-weather driving. Restore your car's headlamps today with the experienced services of Rossi Auto Body!

Stay safe on the road with clear headlights

In a recent study, The National Institute for Highway Safety found that car accidents were much more severe when the vehicles involved suffered from cloudy or foggy headlights. Keep your car safe today with our headlight restorations!

Affordable headlight restorations

Our headlight restoration service is affordable and simply involves stripping away the cloudy layer of your headlights' lenses, then clear coating them for lasting clarity.

Your lights will look good as new without costing you a fortune! Our service even includes FREE car washing and vacuuming!